Posted on – He Broke His Neck Surfing. Now He Runs a CBD Company

Originally featured on – 3/15/2019

Mike Hannegan has surfed all over the world and seen his share of wild waves. But tragedy struck in 2014 when he encountered a giant swell in Newport Beach, California. 

“I took off on a big wave and then my nose dove down,” he says. “I thought I was diving through the back of the wave, and I just hit my head right on the bottom of the sandbar. I broke my C4, C5, C6, and cracked my brain stem.”

Mike Hannegan - Everything Hemp USA Found Image credit: Mike Hannegan

Doctors wanted to operate immediately, but Hannegan refused. “This happened over Fourth of July weekend,” he says. “I figured if I were a doctor, I wouldn’t want to be working on 4th of July weekend. I just assumed that it was the C-team. Why would I want to do crazy spine surgery with someone who is not the best doctor?”

CBD to the rescue

Although his doctor prescribed opioids, Hannegan soon realized they weren’t for him. After a difficult time quitting opioids cold turkey, he looked for alternative pain relief. That’s when he discovered CBD.